Clocks Forward…

Ha, check me out not getting up until the new 7am!! Could have stayed in bed too, but didn’t want to tempt fate, so sprung out with a spring in my step. Felt good, mood was good. Two months today since I rushed down to yorkshire to be at Fathers bedside too.

Battle of the Woodpeckers going on during morning coffee, 3 different ones drumming, Including one near Tulloch gates like last year, so here’s hoping for young ones again

Alistair was in charge of the menagerie today, he caught egg bound McDuck, but McDuck did not projectile as previous days, not until I approached with the Vaseline & Honey & a clingfilm covered hand (Please use your imagination at this point) and I should have removed my engagement ring before this procedure! I wonder how other folk spend their Sunday mornings? Were we the only ones on the planet doing this at the moment in time?? The Ducks where nowhere to be seen for rest of the morning and even Bruce & the hens kept their distance and by now it was only 9.45am!

Full day, but Studio pretty much cleared. New shelving for Gallery arrived, managed to get 2 pieces put together!

And Jim & Audrey visited this afternoon, good to catch up as always and new extension for gallery discussed *exciting*.

An abundance of Wagtails today, which is known as… A Volery of Wagtails.

5pm, after asking Alistair this morning to move some wood he had dumped in the car park, he set to with the chainsaw! I decided to head on indoors.

Tulloch menagerie made on with the extra daylight, fastening up is going to fun from now on.


Duck me! Its Spring! …

21st March – First day of Spring. 1.15am? You have got to me kidding me!!! Eventually returned to bed, then up again 6.30, opened the curtains and there was a Hare sat at the front door. An early mild start, turned into cool drizzle by 9am, but that didn’t stop the Oystercatchers appearing in the field. Wonderful, young Deer up to the garden tonight. Nae so wonderful and unbelievable… the Ducks chased them off!!!

22nd March – and another 3am start! Becoming very tiring now (In every sense). A mild start to the day, pretty much all snow has gone from lower ground and things look messy. They are busy felling in Kindrogan Forest, early starts and quite noisy, but see it is opening up the hillside more below the cemetery, of course I do wonder about the wildlife. Have not walked that part in a while, so will be interesting to see. We had the most incredible birdsong going on this morning.

This morning I noticed McDuck was egg bound this morning, arrgh, would have phoned Dad for advice straight away, but instead decided to prepare warm salty for bath to help it along. Eventually caught McDuck & almost straight away, along came egg & about a pint of duck poo. I was literally covered head to toe!! Oh the joys!
McDuck would then take herself for bath in the warm water, as would I.
Which means am thinking both Ducks are female.

Took a drive to the village, hugs, tears & great service in the shop.


The Long Week …

Just some random notes from this last week, hope you will understand.

A week ago today, I was at hospital, Barclay had mistaken my finger for a snack. They took details at hospital, asked who my next of kin was, whoosh, wasn’t ready for that one, couldn’t answer & felt tears well up. It is all bandaged up and sore!! Bloomin Poodle! But Alistair said it was my fault for putting my hand in his mouth.

Monday morning, Sheep tried to nibble bandage, McQuack flew into my head. Am nae having much joy with the local animals!!

Sent out a very difficult email today, was for order of service for Father’s Thanksgiving a week today

Wednesday, I couldn’t even watch to the end of the brits, either my mood, or boy was it dire! Would usually Phone Dad the following morning and discuss, lord knows what he would have thought.

The Vicar has an iWatch.

And how did I miss Shrove Tuesday and pancakes!!?

Bruce made his most severe attack yet and now have puncture wounds in me thigh.

Mistle & Song Thrushes Out in song and claiming territories

Driving down A9, seeing hills and thinking ‘I’ve been up there’, but been far too long since last hill walk, hardly any in 2017

3am is now the new getting up time and I am exhausted. Mum had wondered if it was Dad getting me up, as he used to let his dog out at that time.

Also, tiredness is showing when I find myself beginning to load the wood burning stove with the laundry instead of the washing machine (and yes, it was a white wash)! Then (Nae as bad, putting the dinner plates away after washing up, wondered where the others were and I realised I had opened the fridge and nae the cupboard (In my defence, they are next to each other)

Dawn, Laine & Elizabeth, thank you, thank you, thank you, you will all know what for.

Sunday 25th, I visited Father this afternoon to pay my respects and to have a good talk.

Tomorrow is Father’s Funeral 😔

I may be a while

Karen – x

Check Yer Drains …

Today, I was outside with Ali the Joiner and we kept hearing a plopping noise.

I thought it was from a wee pond near The Wee Scottish Gallery. But, we could not see anything.

Tonight, sat out and there goes the plopping noise again, all was still it was easy to realise, that it was coming from a drain! 

Took a peek and look who I saw, but this wee fellow!

A small rescue mission and he is now residing in the Gallery pond 🐸

Karen – x

The First Cuckoo…

Stood out having me Morning Coffee  and am watching the birds here at Tulloch, it is the most beautiful start to the day, with not a cloud in the blue sky and the greens on the hills are so fresh and vibrant.

Delighted that we now have a Chiffchaff in the garden. And in the field are 6 Hares.

And then a new sound, the first Cuckoo of 2017.

Moments like this are priceless 

Karen – x

The First Cuckoo heard in 2017 comes from Kindrogan Hill.

A Random Thought …

Am stood here cooking tea ready for when the Farmer arrives home, when all of a sudden, I hear a wee thud.

Not again I think, as I rush to kitchen window expecting to see a wee bird laid there, dazed and confused. But, no, wee bird (Who happens to be a Chaffinch Fledgling), is sat on the picnic table instead.

And then, I watched amazed as it gets up and tries to fly back up at the window. What on earth!??

Then it dawns on me, the part of the sunroom window it is trying to reach, is the part with a bird silhouette sticker on. They, I think, are meant to ward off birds from Windows.

They were already on when we moved to Tulloch and so we left them. I have never used them before. 

But it has now got me thinking! I picked up a poor Siskin Fledgling (In similar place) two days ago and a Chaffinch and Siskin Fledgling from near table last week!

Are the new Fledglings thinking the Bird Stickers are parents??

Thoughts welcome on this random thought

Karen x