Check Yer Drains …

Today, I was outside with Ali the Joiner and we kept hearing a plopping noise.

I thought it was from a wee pond near The Wee Scottish Gallery. But, we could not see anything.

Tonight, sat out and there goes the plopping noise again, all was still it was easy to realise, that it was coming from a drain! 

Took a peek and look who I saw, but this wee fellow!

A small rescue mission and he is now residing in the Gallery pond 🐸

Karen – x


The First Cuckoo…

Stood out having me Morning Coffee  and am watching the birds here at Tulloch, it is the most beautiful start to the day, with not a cloud in the blue sky and the greens on the hills are so fresh and vibrant.

Delighted that we now have a Chiffchaff in the garden. And in the field are 6 Hares.

And then a new sound, the first Cuckoo of 2017.

Moments like this are priceless 

Karen – x

The First Cuckoo heard in 2017 comes from Kindrogan Hill.

A Random Thought …

Am stood here cooking tea ready for when the Farmer arrives home, when all of a sudden, I hear a wee thud.

Not again I think, as I rush to kitchen window expecting to see a wee bird laid there, dazed and confused. But, no, wee bird (Who happens to be a Chaffinch Fledgling), is sat on the picnic table instead.

And then, I watched amazed as it gets up and tries to fly back up at the window. What on earth!??

Then it dawns on me, the part of the sunroom window it is trying to reach, is the part with a bird silhouette sticker on. They, I think, are meant to ward off birds from Windows.

They were already on when we moved to Tulloch and so we left them. I have never used them before. 

But it has now got me thinking! I picked up a poor Siskin Fledgling (In similar place) two days ago and a Chaffinch and Siskin Fledgling from near table last week!

Are the new Fledglings thinking the Bird Stickers are parents??

Thoughts welcome on this random thought

Karen x