Why Did The Chickens Cross The Road …

Joyous news… McDuck was not egg bound and egg no4 is now in the nestbox, so the ole honey trick must have helped? Though, did hear some duck squeals early doors.

Nae so joyous, 2.15am and boing, wide awake!

27th – Duck egg no 5 is in the nesting box. Rain most of day.

28th – And Barclays latest trick is barking and chasing the Collared Doves out of the garden. I don’t ask why!

got a hen egg this morning.

Finally got print order finished and that’ll be 200+ to mount & more to frame when they arrive!

Then it was time to start tackling the Gallery! Big clean down, rearranging, new stock in etc. I WILL be ready for this Easter Weekend!!

Peter called by, good to see him as always and good to talk.

Totally forgot to have my scone on Sunday, so fed it to the Chucks today.

Tame Sheep accidentally ran into back of me today, sore ankle as I type

29th March – early doors was -8c. Got into gallery to continue restyle, so did Barclay, who pinched a felt Haggis and ran amok with it. Wee felt Haggis is no more!

30th March – Good Friday and nae up til 5am. Dad, you’ve been gone 2 months now, how!

How very apt that McDuck begins to sit her 8 eggs today. I am beyond excited

Easter on mine own, so writing it off and working.

Birds of the week have been Wagtails & Woodpeckers, more than last year. The Thrushes have ceased with their territorial calls.

Snow has returned on lower ground.

Took Barclay and I off for a walk in the forest. Wildlife conspicuous by its absence.

Returned home to see the pets running amok! Chickens were out in car park, by time I wrestle Barclay past tame sheep into hoose, chickens were heading up the glen! I had to stop traffic to drive the reluctant little sods back in! Still had walking boots on and am thinking Bruce doesn’t like Red, as he launched full scale attack on them and me!

Late afternoon, snowing again, was having 5 on sofa, all nice and quiet and suddenly Alexa says ‘Sorry I didn’t get that’.


View of the hills


View of Tulloch


View of Boots


View of Muddy Paws!!


An Army of Caterpillars …

Heading back home from Barclays walk this afternoon and something caught my eye, dozens of Caterpillars amongst the Grass and Nettles.
They are, I’m sure, Peacock Caterpillars.
Barclay isn’t one for standing about long, but I just managed a couple of pics & video with the iPhone.

Caterpillars I

Caterpillars I

Caterpillars II

Caterpillars II

Caterpillars III

Caterpillars III

The Orchid …

Last year, whilst out walking McBasil, we came across an Orchid, just one, not another in sight.
This year, curiosity got the better of me and I decided that Barclay and I would venture back to that very same spot to see if it had shown again this year.
First visit, there was no sign of it, but, things are about a week – 10 days behind this year compared to last, so we we would take another trip in search of it.
This time we were rewarded for our troubles, there its was!
Now I am not that great on Orchid identification, but giving its colour and location am opting for a Northern Marsh-orchid – Dactylorhiza purpurella.
It may look a sturdy wee thing, but it is not, it was just hanging onto its spot and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to knock/touch it!
It wasn’t that tall either, as you can see from the 2nd image as its measured against me iPhone 6plus (Approx 17cm), the Orchid stands at 12cm.
Last year, it was only around for approx 2 weeks.
Am pleased to have come across this beautiful gem
Karen x

Northern Marsh-orchid - Dactylorhiza purpurella

Northern Marsh-orchid – Dactylorhiza purpurella

Northern Marsh-orchid - Dactylorhiza purpurella

Northern Marsh-orchid – Dactylorhiza purpurella

Northern Marsh-orchid - Dactylorhiza purpurella

Northern Marsh-orchid – Dactylorhiza purpurella