The Long Week …

Just some random notes from this last week, hope you will understand.

A week ago today, I was at hospital, Barclay had mistaken my finger for a snack. They took details at hospital, asked who my next of kin was, whoosh, wasn’t ready for that one, couldn’t answer & felt tears well up. It is all bandaged up and sore!! Bloomin Poodle! But Alistair said it was my fault for putting my hand in his mouth.

Monday morning, Sheep tried to nibble bandage, McQuack flew into my head. Am nae having much joy with the local animals!!

Sent out a very difficult email today, was for order of service for Father’s Thanksgiving a week today

Wednesday, I couldn’t even watch to the end of the brits, either my mood, or boy was it dire! Would usually Phone Dad the following morning and discuss, lord knows what he would have thought.

The Vicar has an iWatch.

And how did I miss Shrove Tuesday and pancakes!!?

Bruce made his most severe attack yet and now have puncture wounds in me thigh.

Mistle & Song Thrushes Out in song and claiming territories

Driving down A9, seeing hills and thinking ‘I’ve been up there’, but been far too long since last hill walk, hardly any in 2017

3am is now the new getting up time and I am exhausted. Mum had wondered if it was Dad getting me up, as he used to let his dog out at that time.

Also, tiredness is showing when I find myself beginning to load the wood burning stove with the laundry instead of the washing machine (and yes, it was a white wash)! Then (Nae as bad, putting the dinner plates away after washing up, wondered where the others were and I realised I had opened the fridge and nae the cupboard (In my defence, they are next to each other)

Dawn, Laine & Elizabeth, thank you, thank you, thank you, you will all know what for.

Sunday 25th, I visited Father this afternoon to pay my respects and to have a good talk.

Tomorrow is Father’s Funeral 😔

I may be a while

Karen – x