I Saw The Sign …

Awake 4am! -5c at daybreak, but what a beautiful one, blue skies showing and a wonderful dawn chorus, though Bruce would soon join in and take over that.

Ironing at 7am, thoughts back on work plans and Father, questioning my thoughts, silently talking to Dad asking him for an answer and the iron suddenly broke and I mean broke. Sounds odd I know, but there came my answer!

Walk into Gallery to begin framing etc and there was ‘I’m Checking Out’ playing.

What an absolute beautiful morning, sunshine & blue skies, no jacket or hat required, which was lovely after the downpour last night. Even sat on swing seat for coffee

Quiet afternoon and tiredness hit, so 3pm closed the Gallery and hit the sofa for an hour.

Alistair would decide to continue with shed clearing late afternoon, so I made us an espresso, so nice to sit out again.

McDuck was off her nest twice today!

Nearly 8.30pm and still light!