Welcome to The Nature Diaries …

Am starting this new Blog Page especially on Nature.

As quoted in the ‘About’ section on my website,  “I have always loved Nature, tis how I was brought up & what I was taught from my Parents from when I can first remember.
I didn’t really have/enjoy Dolls & such as a child, I had a Jack Russell Terrier given to me when I was four and most of my time was spent outside, I was taught to recognise & identify Birds, Flowers, Trees etc. Next I was taught countryside ways, then taught to Shoot & Fish. The most important lesson I had though, was to respect Nature & the Countryside.”

I did not like School, could barely remember what I was taught from one day to the next, but out in the countryside, been shown and told about things, well I soaked that up like a sponge.
Many a day, I would purposely try to miss the School Bus, just so I could spend time outdoors with my Father.
Missing the Bus did not happen as much as I would have liked, but after a School day, there was often walks with my Mother, along with my Jack Russell, followed by the Cat and then followed by the resident Canada Geese (Including family of Goslings when they had them)!

This love of Nature has never left me.
Am no way an expert, but I love noticing things everyday and am still learning.
I am surrounded by the spectacular Scottish Countryside and a wee library of books and that is pretty much ideal to me.

Am constantly Photographing and capturing Nature, a lot just for my own personal interest.
And the other week, I received a fantastic gift from my Father and that was a Wildlife Trail Camera.
Early days for this Nature Cam, but am already hooked!
This gift, prompted me to finally get this Page up and running and share.
It will be random, with no bells and whistles etc
Could possibly be what I just notice whilst out walking Barclay etc, as it does not matter where you are, some form of Nature will be nearby.

Karen x

Here is a wee bit of footage from the Nature Cam

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